Each and every employee is a reason for our success!


A company such as Stockert GmbH which has enjoyed market success over a period of decades thinks and acts in ways which, to put it simply, guarantee sustainability.  Stockert has over 25 years of experience in this industry - our customers across the globe benefit from our innovative products and our constant desire to improve and advance.
We offer our employees surroundings in which they can feel comfortable, while at the same time developing their skills and personality.  Furthermore, we strongly believe that it should be possible to combine family with career.



Providing flexibility:
We are well aware of our responsibilities as an employer.  For this reason it is our aim to accompany and support our employees through the different phases which life brings.  We offer our employees not only various part-time working models, but also - and this is something relevant for all employees, not just parents - the chance to work from the Home Office.
Improving skills & competences:
For a company such as Stockert GmbH which also aims to be successful in the future, knowledge transfer is of utmost importance.
Alongside our basic training we also offer our employees the chance to take part in need-orientated seminars which focus on the needs of the individual and are planned together with the relevant departments - allowing us to support the broadening of both the skills and the horizon of each and every employee.
Personal support:
We actively support our employees in matters of personal and professional development, trying our utmost to consider the employee's personal interest.  We hope that this creates loyalty and trust towards our company.
Stockert GmbH Pension plan:
Details to be published at a later date.