Stockert's history


Turnover of Fiscal year 2016 becomes best in the group’s history with record in operating profit and profitability; continuous top- and bottom-line growth projected through 2020. Manufacturing of EP Shuttle™ generator system (including Stockert 70) terminated


Full global Market Release of SmartAblate System. First Tests of Stockerts own tubing sets, providing a complete System of Generator, Pump, Cables and Tubing. Dr. Norbert Dieterich is appointed as Executive Director. The company sets its sights on long-term growth with the aid of adopting complimentary business models.


Development and implementation of the most advanced pump in irrigated Catheter Ablation procedures with benchmark design noise reduction. First Tests of Stockerts own tubing sets, providing a complete System of Generator, Pump, Cables and Tubing.


Limited Market Release of SmartAblate System in selected Countries. FDA Release of the SmartAblate.


Finalisation of the SmartAblate System design, which becomes the dedicated successor of EP Shuttle and Stockert 70 for Biosense Webster


Sale of Stockert to Metechon AG, partner for small and medium-sized enterprises. CE-accreditation of the SmartAblate ablation system comprising the RF-Generator, Pump und Remote Control. In 2011, as in 1999, 2001, 2003 and 2007, Stockert's corporate processes are tested once more by the United States health authorities, the FDA. Stockert passed all inspections.


Award of the innovation prize of the City of Freiburg for the Stockert-G4-System.


Stockert's Environmental Management System achieves the European Standard DIN EN ISO 14001:2005.


Approval of the Stockert J70 (brother of the Stockert 70) for Japan.


Development of the Stimuplex HNS12, successor to the Stimuplex HNS11.


Stockert achieves EN 13485 certification, the successor to DIN EN 46001.


Approval of the Stockert 70 (younger brother of the EP-SHUTTLE) in the USA.


Award of the Innovation prize of the city Freiburg for the EP-SHUTTLE.


The company achieves European Quality Assurance Standards certification DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN 46001 (additional requirements for medical products).


Adoption of the name Stockert GmbH; Development of the EP-SHUTTLE, a device for use in the field of coronary medicine and the HNS11, a nerve stimulator used in local anesthesia procedures.


Dr. Rudolf-Eberle-Prize of the state of Baden-Württemberg for the development of the  NEURO N50, awarded jointly with the Freiburg company F.L. Fischer GmbH.


Gold medal at the Leipziger Trade Show for  the development of a temperature-controlled bipolar coagulation device, the Bipolator T50.


The Stockert Elektronik Entwicklung company is founded in Freiburg by Rüdiger Stockert.  Development of the neuro-surgery device NEURO N50.