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Metechon AG – Advice and  Investment for Medium-Sized Enterprises

Metechon AG provides consulting for medium-sized enterprises with regard to company succession.  The aim is to secure the long-term continuation and success of the business.  Together with the owners of the company Metechon AG develops the required business model, the necessary criteria and the right profile to create the best and most suitable solution regarding succession.  Metechon AG offers a complete and comprehensive accompaniment of this process, as well as the execution of agreed steps within the process. Metechon AG is  a specialist for succession planning in medium-sized businesses producing medical devices.

As a possible solution to the corporate succession problems of such enterprises, an emphasis is placed upon equity-oriented support by means of management buy-outs or buy-ins. 

Metechon AG not only supports by means of investment but also offers support to the management of portfolio companies in terms of medium-term business development.  Such support can prove essential in terms of securing long-term growth and achieving an increased value of the company.Established, profitable companies with experienced management and known products in a given, stable market are the focus of the investment.

Investment Principles:


  • Specific focus: Established manufacturing companies in the field of medical devices
  • Regional orientation: No restrictions in German speaking areas
  • Corporate phases: Primarily corporate succession, growth phases, strengthening of equity capital
  • Investment type: Buy and build strategy, usually direct, open (majority) investment, financial investment of the previous owner and management possible
  • Investment duration: long-term ("Evergreen")