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SmartAblate® Generator

SmartAblate® Pumpe

SmartAblate® Remote

Cardiology RF-Ablation System

SmartAblate® System

The term cardiac arrhythmia describes a group of conditions in which the heart beats irregularly. This can lead to an accumulation of blood in the heart and thus to a stroke. The prevalence of cardiac arrythmia is increasing with the progress of population ageing and risk factors like stress, obesity and the sedetary lifestyle common to industrialized countries.

Many types of cardiac arrythmia can be treated with minimally-invasive cardiac radiofrequency-ablation. In this therapy, a flexible catheter is inserted into the patients heart to localize the tissue responsible for the disturbed heartbeat. Once the location has been verified, the diseased tissue can be removed or isolated using radiofrequency current to stop the arrythmia. The root-cause of the condition gets treated safely and effectively

SmartAblate™ ist market-leading solution for minimally-invasive electrophysiological RF-applications. The system consists of three main components:

  • SmartAblate™ RF-Generator for the ablation of tissue
  • SmartAblate™ Pump for cooled catheter applications
  • SmartAblate™ Remote to control the the generator from a remote location

SmartAblate™ is distributed globally through a partnership with Biosense Webster.

Indications, contraindications, warnings and instructions for use can be found in the instructions for use supplied with each device.

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