Irrigation Pump

Pump technology of the highest order

Stockert's cooling pumps (irrigation pumps) offer a high degree of user-friendliness and quality for the user in EP-labs and operation theatres.  Stockert's pump technology which is also employed in the SmartAblateTM system pumps is of the highest standard in terms of its technology and quality.
Our pumps have been developed as not only inner-loop but also outer-loop pumps for all catheter-based applications and offer, in combination with their optimised tube sets from our partner - Raumedic - the highest standards of user comfort as well as absolute safety in their daily application.

The advantages of the Stockert irrigation pump:

  • Smart pump operation via the generator
  • Bubble sensor which identifies air bubbles
  • Visualisation of all important parameters on the pump or on the SmartAblateTM HF generator
  • Rinse function of the tube set in order to eliminate air bubbles
  • Optimised usability due to the simple installation of the tubing set by personnel
  • Modern, clear and high-tech design
  • Mechanical, simple installation in the EP laboratory


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