Stimuplex® HNS 12 – Localisation and anaesthesia in one

Local anesthesia is the anaesthetisation of a single part of the body.  During this procedure the ability to feel pain in that part of the body during an operation is switched off.  The patient usually remains conscious.  This process relies upon the ability to locate exactly the nerve which is to be anaesthetised.  To facilitate this the device emits a weak, yet effective, pulse of current into the tissue via the needle.  As the needle approaches the nerve, the patients experiences a contraction of the muscle.

As soon as the surgeon has localised the nerve, he is then able to inject an anesthetic into the area around the nerve through a tube which is attached to the needle.  A moment later, and the required area is numb and the operation can commence.

Local anesthesia has proven to be a safe procedure.  The STIMUPLEX® HNS 12 offers the possibility to combine nerve localization and anesthesia using the same device, thus minimizing the risk of complications such as nerve damage.  Its application means that, in most cases, a general anesthetic and the associated risks is not required.

Functional overview:

  • Pulse frequency: 1Hz / 2Hz
  • Pulse duration: 0.05ms / 0.1ms / 0.3ms / 0.5ms / 1.0ms
  • Current range: 0 - 5mA infinitely variable
  • Visual and acoustic current flow display
  • Rotary control knob for sterile, one-handed operation available

The advantages of the Stimuplex® HNS 12:

A) Advanced Ergonomics

  • Ergonomically tested form providing assured grip
  • Large display which is clear and easy to read
  • Permanent display of all relevant data; the selected information is displayed particularly large and well-readable
  • Large digital control dial for precise current settings

B) Advanced User-Interface

  • Information displayed in 26 different languages
  • Clear and identifiable error reports in the respective user language
  • Clear and understandable warning indications in the respective language

C) Advanced User Prompting

  • Developed in close cooperation with doctors and therefore extremely user-friendly:  Easy to use menu, intuitive menu system, numerous adjustable options
  • Shortcut keys for the most important data (Pulse duration, Current settings, Pulse frequency)
  • Simple setting of various stimulation modes

D) Increased safety

  • Acoustic and optical warning for settings under the threshold current
  • Display of tissue impedance in kOhm


The Stimuplex® HNS12 pumps can be purchased exclusively worldwide from the company B. Braun Melsungen AG.
B. Braun Melsungen AG 
The images shown on this page are displayed with the kind permission of B.Braun Melsungen AG .

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