Technology Centre Team

Innovative technology from intelligent people


Stockert employs technical specialists dedicated to delivering top-class technology:


System Architects
Our system architects, with a background in application, all have knowledge of clinical requirements.  We see ourselves as a centre of competence for high-frequency, analogue and digital technology and have achieved technology leadership by means of an optimized DSP architecture. Usability, intuitive device operation and the highest levels of system safety are our absolute priorities.

Software Engineering
Our competences include, alongside the development of hardware systems (electronics and mechanics), the development of algorithms and GUIs in various high-level languages.  Our software engineers also come with considerable knowledge of hardware.

Technical Documentation
Our technical editing team produces and publishes operational mandates, user manuals, test results following validation, product name plates and labels. An excellent system knowledge as well as experience in the technical and operative surroundings of technicians and users make this possible.

Mechanical Engineering
We produce CAD drawings of components, modules, systems and cables in both 2D and 3D.  As regards design and construction, we work closely in cooperation with external companies.