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We offer our employees an environment in which they feel comfortable and can develop their potential, both in terms of skills and on a personal level. We also attach great importance to the compatibility of family and career.

Enabling flexibility

We are conscious of our responsibility as an employer. That’s why we want to stand alongside and support our employees in the various phases of their lives. Our offerings include various part-time working models, we also offer the option to work from home.

Employee development

We aim to devise measures that serve the individual professional development of our employees and are based on personal interests and the qualifications needed within the company for current and future tasks.

Compatibility of family and career

As an employer, we are committed to a family-conscious HR policy and to constantly developing family-friendly working conditions. Stockert is an active member of the ‘Freiburger Netzwerk Familienbewusste Unternehmen’ (Freiburg network for family-oriented corporate culture) and the ‘Erfolgsfaktor Familie’ (success factor family) corporate network. These networks allow us to share experiences and approaches to solutions.

Occupational health management

The health of our employees is our most valuable asset. That’s why we encourage physical activity and active recovery as part of our occupational health management programme. Thanks to our partnership with health service provider Hansefit, our employees can improve their physical performance and find a balance to their work for a small fee.

Joint target agreements

Performance reviews are an integral part of our open leadership culture. These reviews will involve an open dialogue between employees and line managers where collaboration is explored, goals are agreed and measures for individual development or job rotations are discussed.

Strengthen competencies

The transfer of knowledge needs to be a matter of course for a company like Stockert GmbH that wants to remain innovative and successful in the future. Consequently, in addition to our basic training seminars, we offer our employees needs-based seminars, thus supporting the expansion of skills and personal horizons.