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Our HR policy

Our employees are our most valuable assets.​​​​​​
Since more than 30 years our customers from all across the world trust in our products. Innovation and quality are key factors to ensure long-lasting success. Our employees are the foundation of our success and we care for offering them a work environment in which they feel comfortable and can develop their potential.

Our lifes change over time. We are conscious of our responsibility as employer to support our employees in the various phases of their lifes. Our offerings include part-time employment models, as well as options to work from home.

Professional qualification:
Qualification of our employees is key for our long-term success and innovativeness in the medical device industry. Besides general trainings, we offer custom-tailored seminars to strengthen the competencies that our employees need to succeed in their function.

A healthy work-life balance:
We believe in the importance of a healthy work-life balance. We take pride in our family-friendly human resources policy. Stockert is an active member of the "Freiburger Netzwerk für familienbewusste Unternehmen" (Freiburg Network for family-oriented corporate culture) and the company network "Erfolgsfaktor Familie" (success factor family). Not only do these platforms enable us to exchange experiences in human resource management, but also to find collaboration partners for projects, that would otherwise not be feasible for a company of our size.

Occupational health management:
Our employees are our most valuable asset and we care about their well-being. Our occupational health program supports physical activity and active regeneration. Thanks to our cooperation with the fitness network "Hansefit", our employees can access a large variety of sports facilities for a small monthly fee. Furthermore, we offer informational events and workshops, e.g. on nutrition and relaxation techniques. We support our employees in vocational reintegration after an accident or illness.

Performance reviews and employee goals:
An important component of our open leadership culture are the annual performance review meetings. In these meetings, you and your supervisor will review your performance and give each other feedback on the collaboration and the work environment. Together, you define your personal goals in alignment with the company objectives. The meeting is also a great opportunity to discuss development opportunities, such as training courses or job rotations.

Personnel Development:
We support our employees in their professional and personal development. We aim to find suitable measures to support your individual development based on your interests and the qualifications needed within the company.