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Our commitment to family-friendly working conditions earned us the distinction ‘family-friendly company’. Our employees are the source of our innovative capacity and our most important asset. That is why we attach a great deal of importance to the compatibility of family and career and offer our employees working conditions that can be adapted to their own personal circumstances. Only those who have enough space for themselves and their family are also fully committed to their work and enthusiastic about challenging projects. We have already received several accolades for our efforts. We were awarded the ‘Prädikat Familienbewusstes Unternehmen 2017’ (Family-conscious company 2017) by the family network, familyNet, in Baden-Württemberg. This award recognises the commitment of small and medium-sized companies to a family-conscious HR policy, to reconciling family and career and organising flexible and needs-based childcare.

Stockert GmbH

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