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Technical Service

Professional support for your Stockert device
Our products get manufactured at the highest quality standards. Regular service ensures that your device ensures reliability and safety of your device throughout its entire lifecycle. We are there for you in case encounter any problems with one of our products.
We offer following services for our products:

  • Device recalibration and technical safety control (STK)
  • Damage repairs
  • Repairs or replacement in case of malfunction or functional impairments due to manufacturing defects *
  • Support for software and firmware issues

Fast support

Usually your repaired device is on its way back to you within 5 days after receipt.

Any repairs or replacements include re-calibration of the device as well as the Technical safety control (STK). We will gladly send you a quote on request.

Contact us

*Repairs or replacements of devices of the SmartAblate™ product family are handled exclusively through our distribution partner Biosense Webster.